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Connect with 300 speaker bureaus around the world

There are more than 300 speaker bureaus around the world. Getting your bio listed on the right ones is not easy. Which ones will accept it? Who is the right contact? Where do you send it?

It all takes a long time.

And what about updates? Way too frustrating.

BioPost is a fast, simple way to ensure speaker bureaus always have your latest bio, topics and fees.

How does it work?

Step 1

Create or update your definitive speaker biography right here on Universal Speaker Group.

Once you are happy with your bio, publish it to BioPost. It’s that simple!

Speaker bureaus across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Far East and USA can then access your bio on The Speaker Handbook and download your info to add to their rosters.

To get started and create your speaker bio, register and create your free account.

Step 2

Maintain your bio. That’s it!

Every time you make changes to your bio, it will automatically update on The Speaker Handbook and all bureaus will be able to access the most up-to-date information about you.


Put your speaker bio in front of thousands of event planners and conference organisers worldwide.

In 2023, we are opening up The Speaker Handbook, the private-access, fully verifiable directory of professional speakers. TSH will be available for free to professional event and meeting planners as well as senior executives at more than 11,000 corporations worldwide.

TSH will one of the most effective ways to get your speaker bio in front of the people who book speakers for events. And it is all part of BioPost and completely free.

Your bio will be published in The Speaker Handbook directory and automatically updated whenever you make a change!

What can I include in my bio?

You can include everything that bureaus and event planners need to know about you, including:

  • Your full speaker biography.
  • Your speaking topics and themes.
  • Supporting media including your headshots, event images and videos.
  • Links to your website, social media, author bios and online videos.
  • Any additional files you want to share.
  • Your speaking fees.
  • Your contact details or those of your PA, team, exclusive or preferred bureau.
  • Details of your books and other publications.
  • Your latest articles.
  • Your client testimonials and feedback.

Terms and details

Joining BioPost does not guarantee that you will be listed on bureau websites. It is up to each individual bureau to decide which speakers they add to their rosters.

How much does BioPost cost?

BioPost is completely free to use. Register to create your free account and get started.