Speaker Bureaus

Get more speaking enquiries with LeadVise

LeadVise is our lead management programme, created in collaboration with our speaker bureau partners. It is a new way of working to help you get more enquiries.

How does LeadVise work?

Usually, corporates and event planners send their enquiries to bureaus to request speaker recommendations.

Most bureaus send a list of speaker biographies to the client. But on its own, your speaker biography does not explain exactly how you can fulfil the client’s brief, match the topic and how you can help ensure the event is a success!

There’s a better way..

Collaborate with our partner bureaus and get more speaking enquiries.

Through LeadVise, you have the opportunity to increase the number of enquiries you receive.

Once you’ve joined LeadVise, whenever one of our bureau partners receives an enquiry that might be suitable for you, they will email you directly with the client brief.

When a specific enquiry interests you, all you have to do is reply to the agent with your tailored response which they can send to the client when putting you forward.

Your response should explain why you are the right choice for the event and how you will help the client achieve their objectives.

How much does LeadVise cost?

LeadVise is FREE for registered speakers.

What to do next?

Create your free account today and then return to this page to join LeadVise.