Raj Adgopul

A Slum Survivor from Mumbai

I am not an Olympic athlete

I have not climbed mount Everest 

I have not trekked across the Antarctic 

I have not swum an ocean 

But I have survived the unforgiving slums of Mumbai, the toughest university in the world!  I have survived journeys to work each day knowing each one could be my last, where 4000 people die each year falling from the local trains.  I have lived in a city with a million people per square mile and where the environment can be so unforgiving it can feel totally hopeless to even try.  I have learnt to survive the impossible every day, because if I didn’t, I would die. 

When dealing with total hopelessness the only thing that keeps you going is hope itself and a very strong survival instinct. Every day is a lesson in resilience and mindset.

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