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Universal Speaker Group is a marketing company that helps keynote speakers, thought leaders, experts and business thinkers build their personal Authority Brands.

About Universal Speaker Group

We help speakers build their businesses developing better offers, higher fees and more engagements through a comprehensive range of marketing, management and support services combined with a unique range of dedicated resources to help develop their personal brands and launch associated products, courses and services. Some of our key features include:

Fully-functional portal

A fully-functional portal which allows speakers, consultants, coaches, authors and trainers to maintain their own biographies across multiple bureau rosters and websites.

Membership of Parle

Get exclusive access to parle, the social network where professional speakers, business thinkers and experts meet, collaborate, learn and grow.

Marketing resources

Access to marketing resources, strategies, tactics and services to help grow any expertise-led business.

The Universal Speaker Group Team

We have a passion for working with outstanding individuals from every field of endeavour, every corner of industry and every walk of life. We are driven by the transformative power that these thinkers, pioneers and innovators have on the hearts and minds of individuals, businesses and on society at large. We are inspired by their ability to communicate, to elevate experience, to engage and to inspire people everywhere.

Co-Founder & CEO

Cosimo Turroturro

Leads the growth of Universal Speaker Group, including speaker development and global sales.

Co-Founder & CMO

Patrick Nelson

Drives Universal Speaker Group’s strategic vision. Responsible for the underlying technology. His focus is on efficient processes with a passion for transparent marketing.

Co-Founder & COO

Esther Nelson

Oversees all aspects of the daily running of USG. Systems thinker with a passion for building teams and creating elegant solutions to complex problems.

Cherry Mateo

Helen Guillermo

Elleer Mateo

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