ur Mission

We want to solve the biggest problems facing professional speakers, coaches and consultants today. Our journey begins with the launch of the first dedicated resource for professional speakers to manage, promote and grow their expertise-based businesses.

About Us

There has always been a lack of organised, dedicated resources to help expertise-based entrepreneurs such as professional speakers and coaches start, grow and maintain their businesses, develop their personal brands and promote their books, courses and other products and offerings.

The devastating impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic has added to these problems as many speakers saw engagements and events shutting down globally, bringing into sharp relief the lack of additional streams of income and alternative ways to carry on delivering value to their clients.

Universal Speaker Group

Founded by Speakers Associates and Talent Marketing Company, Universal Speaker Group (USG) was created to provide solutions to the impact that these problems have on the livelihoods and businesses of professional speakers, coaches, consultants, authors and trainers. Some of the key features USG incorporates include:

  • The Speakers Associates client portal allows speakers, consultants, coaches, authors and trainers to maintain their own biography on the global speaker bureau roster.
  • Membership of Parle, the private social network for thought leaders and business thinkers.
  • Access to marketing resources, strategies, tactics and services to help grow any expertise-led business.

About Speakers Associates

Speakers Associates brings thought leaders and enterprises together to create change. We represent some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs, business thinkers, pioneers, athletes and authors. Through our association, we are constantly invigorated and inspired to continually develop our company to be one of the most innovative, forward-thinking speaker bureaus in the world.

About Talent Marketing Company

At Talent Marketing Company, we believe that marketing should be transparent, non-invasive and valuable. Clients should be earned not bought. We love helping growth-minded entrepreneurs to accelerate their digital marketing and grow their expertise-based businesses.

The Universal Speaker Group Team

We have a passion for working with outstanding individuals from every field of endeavour, every corner of industry and every walk of life. We are driven by the transformative power that these thinkers, pioneers and innovators have on the hearts and minds of individuals, businesses and on society at large. We are inspired by their ability to communicate, to elevate experience, to engage and to inspire people everywhere.

Co-Founder & CEO

Cosimo Turroturro

Leads the growth of Universal Speaker Group, including speaker development and global sales.

Co-Founder & CMO

Patrick Nelson

Drives Universal Speaker Group’s strategic vision. Responsible for the underlying technology. His focus is on efficient processes with a passion for transparent marketing.

Esther Nelson

Co-Founder & COO

Esther Nelson

Oversees all aspects of the daily running of USG. Systems thinker with a passion for building teams and creating elegant solutions to complex problems.

Ebru Asal

Felipe Gallardo

Oliver von Schwerin

Cherry Mateo

Helen Guillermo

Elleer Mateo

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