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How can I search for speakers?

If you want to search for the speakers listed here, please go to our dedicated website, The Speaker Handbook.

How can I contact a speaker I’m interested in?

Most speaker profiles on The Speaker Handbook include a contact form which will go directly to the speaker or to their agent or assistant. We also list the speaker bureaus or talent agencies that represent or list them where appropriate.

Is there a rating or review system for speakers?

No, the world of speakers is very subjective! However, you will find testimonials on each speaker’s bio from clients and audiences who have benefitted from listening to that speaker for their event.

Can I advertise my events or services on your website?

At present we do not allow advertising either on this website or The Speaker Handbook website. However we are considering this for the future. If you are interested in advertising, please get in touch and we will keep your details on file for when that development comes along.

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What is this website about?

Universal Speaker Group is where you point your interested clients for information about you: your bio, videos, books, testimonials and more. We aim to help you to grow your personal brand with further services in the future. You can find out more about Universal Speaker Group here.

How do I create a speaker profile?

To create your speaker profile, register on the website for free and complete your details. Don’t worry if you cannot complete every section of your profile. You can edit and add to your profile whenever you have new material.

Can I update or edit my speaker profile?

Yes! Please go into your account at any time to keep your details current and correct.

Is there a cost to join?

No, registering on USG and setting up your full bio with a short URL is free. We do offer a Pro membership which includes a dedicated contact form on your bio and a listing on The Speaker Handbook.

What information should I include in my speaker profile?

Once you have registered you will be guided through the form so you’ll know what to include. All of the information apart from your name is optional, so if you’re just starting out don’t worry, a simple bio and photo works! You can add to it as you get more materials and information for your speaker profile.

Can I upload photos, videos or other media to my profile?

Yes and we definitely encourage that! Event planners love to see video footage of you speaking.

How do I report inappropriate or inaccurate information?

Please complete the form on this page. Be sure to include a link to the place where you’ve seen the inappropriate or inaccurate information so we can see what you’re referring to straight away.

How can I promote my speaker profile to gain more visibility?

Subscribe to our Pro level to have your profile displayed on our sister website at The Speaker Handbook. This will display your profile along with a contact form that event planners can use to contact you or your office directly.

How can I contact the website’s support team?

Please complete the form on this page and we will get back to you as quickly as possible to help.

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If you are a registered speaker and need support, use the support form instead.

If you are a speaker bureau or talent agency and have questions about the site, visit our Speaker Bureau & Agency page first. Your question might be answered there. 

We display links to speaker bureaus and talent agencies on the speaker profiles on and

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